Nations Housing Energy Power Savers

Nations Housing Assurance has partnered with E-Max USA to provide a host of energy saving strategies for home and office.

The first is a small gray box that installs next to your breaker panel and saves you up to 25% on your monthly electric bills. These products are designed with the owner in mind, providing lower energy bills, increasing motor and appliance life and doing so for all the equipment in your home and office.

The typical customer throughout the US could see a realized savings of between 8% and 25% on their electrical usage.

These products are UL Certified as the Cat. No. ABET 2201 and CSA Certified.

In addition to energy savings, you can also make a positive environmental impact and reduce the carbon footprint of your home or office.

The products are designed for both residential and commercial applications.

For residential applications we provice the EPS 1200, which is designed for a single-phase breaker box and handles up to 200 amps of inductive motor load. The EPS 1200 is a cost effictive way to reduce electic bills and are priced at only $299.95*.

To get more info on the EPS 1200, Click Here

To purchase an EPS 1200, Click Here

Nations Housting Assurance will also install your EPS1200 in Houston, Texas for $249.95*. If you wish to have the unit installed please pay for the installation at the time you purchase your unit.

For commercial applications we provice the EPS 3240 and EPS 3480, which are designed for 3-phase commercial applications and handle up to 200 and up to 240 voltrs, or 200 amps and up to 480 volts of inductive motor load. Both the EPS 3200 and EPS 3400 are cost effective ways of reducing electric consumption at you business. The cost of the EPS 3240 is $699.95*, while the EPS 3480 is $799.95*.

To get info on the EPS 3240 and EPS 3480, Click Here

To purchase and EPS 3240 or EPS 3480, Click Here

*Shipping and Handling for the EPS line is $20 but there is no shipping on installation. Taxes are extra, depending upon your location.

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