In an effort to meet our goal of providing affordable housing to low and moderate income individuals and families in Houston, Texas, Nations Housing Assurance, Inc. (NHA) has conducted studies of various neighborhoods with respect to lot availability and price, proximity to new development, public transportation, general condition and appearance and economic viability. We have identified many areas of Houston that meet these criteria and all have lot prices that range from $3,000 to $15,000. Lot sized in these areas vary in size from 40' to 75' widths and 100' to 150' depths and all have city streets and utilities available.

To reach our goal of providing affordable housing, we must control the cost of the property we build our homes on. To accomplish this, we need property that can be purchased at a reasonable price and fit within our financial model. This usually means that we can not purchase a building site for more than $15,000. This also depends upon the area demographics and the market value of finished homes in that market. If you have a larger property that can be sub-divided into multiple building sites or your property is in an area that will support a higher sales price, we may consider purchasing your property and including it in our program. So, do not think your property does not meet our acquisition criteria. Let us decide if your property will meet our needs.

We will purchase property in any area of Houston and Harris County, depending upon the market value of homes in that area and our ability to place our homes in that market. If your property is above $15,000 and the market value of homes will support that value, we will consider purchasing your property. Let us decide if your property meets our criteria.

If you have property that you would like us to review for our acquisition program, please click the "Get Info" button below and one of our associates will contact you about your property.

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